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ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener with an Upflow Carbon Filter System + Connectors

ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener with an Upflow Carbon Filter System + Connectors

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really happy with the support

Haven't fully tried the system yet. But already very happy with the service provided.

Still waiting on Parts

Currently I can not tell if the product is good or not. I can say that the customer service is lacking. It has been over 2 weeks and I am still waiting on replacement parts because the wrong parts were shipped. I was misquoted tdelivery times twice and am still waiting. Honestly not happy and would not recommend your product to anyone.

Excellent customer service

This company takes pride in their company service. My experience was exceptional as an average DIY'er I wanted to better understand a few things and the team delivered. Their instructional videos are great. Pricing is competitive and shipping only took a few days to arrive. Products arrived in good condition and everything is working as expected 2 weeks later.

Great product but an outstanding support

Installed last week. So far so good. But this review is much more about the awesome support provided than the great product itself. 6 months back bought a house & was straight away facing water problems - Irritated super dry skin & hair loss too. Did a 2-month investigative research to determine that salt-less softener (aka conditioners) don't work for the money being paid (~3000 bucks) & paying 5000 bucks for an all-inclusive company like Culligan was not worth it (even though it could have saved me a lot of mental tension). Finalized my research to the best product in the market & bought it. 1 week in & my 3-yr old has stopped scratching her precious skin, my wife is not complaining about her life-less hair anymore & that's a solid GOLD for me. 5 stars. Hired a local plumber as I'm not handy enough & he made a mess of things.
This is where I panicked & reached out to my trusted handyman (Chris) who was kind enough to complete this half-done job on the next day (Sunday). Also called 602abcwaters & by my luck stars was put in touch with their master plumber (Bryan). Bryan is such a gentleman at hearing to my full panic-induced talk & assured me that he will support the installation all way through, even if it was on a Sunday. Bryan looked at the job done by my local Plumber & was furious too. He recommended the sharkbite connectors & replacements for the broken parts.
Sunday - Chris & Bryan were such supporting pillars in helping me get the carbon tank & water softener into works. In fact, Bryan was in Arizona & on SMS, answering/assuring all my amateur stupid questions from 10am CST to 5pm CST. The installation was finally complete. If 602abcwaters has a golden goose, that they should always keep forever, it's Bryan. The master plumber, with 30-yrs of plumbing background, talking a noob through his fears. If this is not a company I would trust, what is? Thank you

Water System


Why Do You Need This?

Pairing the 2 water systems produces 3 customer benefits:

Benefit 1: Filter & Soften Entire Home Water. Removes hard water and unwanted contaminants, smells & tastes from water prior to entering your home.  The whole house will have carbon filtered softened water.

Benefit 2: Extend Water Softener Resin Media by Up to Decades.  Our premium granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration media will prevent chlorine from destroying your water softener resin.  If the carbon media is properly maintained, your water softener resin media could possibly last for decades.

Benefit 3: Easy Install & Low Maintenance.  As you will see in our reviews, our customers tell everyone how easy this package is to install.  The water softener requires an occasionally bag of salt, and the carbon filtration media won’t need to be changed for years depending on your water quality.  We can teach you how to change media when it’s time.

Why Buy From Us?

Whole House Water Softener & Carbon Filtration System



This package includes our customer favorite water softener controlled by the Fleck 5600sxt digital valve.  We compliment the water softener with a highly efficient upflow carbon filtration system.  We use a premium granular activated carbon (GAC) media that provides an excellent shield of water protection for your entire home, but it also extends the life of your water softener resin media.  Together they produce a complete whole house filter & softening solution.  Also included are a triple set of flex line connectors.



  • Whole House Water Softener
  • Whole House Upflow Carbon Filtration
  • 3 Stainless Steel Flex Line Water Connectors


Shopping for water softeners in popular marketplaces? Read 'Buyers Beware' 




Our technical support team is ready to assist you with plumbing questions relating to water equipment installation.  Are you attempting a DIY installation?  Our mission is to serve DIYer's in the quest to save money Doing It Yourself.  Our customers really appreciate this approach because it simplifies their experience.

Our customers tell us how happy they are to be able to call our experienced team of installers in a time of need and not get charged.  That's what makes us different from our competitors. We focus on simplifying the consumer's experience with our product.  A simplified experience equals a great experience and our customers agree!

Need a quick answer to your question?  Text us at 602.321.0145

We are available by:

  • Phone - 602.222.9283
  • Email - support@602abcWATER.com
  • Text - 602.321.0145
  • Facetime video calls (iPhones only) - Text us to set an appointment.  Our new solution 'Show us rather than try to describe' method.  

Support Hours: Monday thru Friday between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Arizona time.


This is a complete whole house water softener system. Our water softener is controlled by the popular Fleck 5600sxt digital valve meter. This high capacity softening system uses premium resin for longer life. Best quality in the Industry. Recommended Service Flow up to 13 GPM.  The Fleck valve includes 5 year warranty.

General water softener sizing by household size:

  • 48,000 grain capacity - 2 to 5 people
  • 64,000 grain capacity - 5+ people

Water softener resin types:

  • 10% Cross link resin media - ideal for City water sources.
  • Fine mesh resin media - ideal for a Well water sources.  This resin is perfect for water sources that need an Iron removal solution.  



  • Large LCD display and user-selectable time clock or metered function; usable for filtration and softener systems.
  • Fully adjustable 3- or 5-cycle control for efficient and reliable water treatment system. 
  • Super capacitor for keeping time of day during power outage. 
  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration.
  • Diagnostics for historical valve performance.
  • LCD display alternates between time of day, volume remaining or days until regeneration.
  • Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages
  • Plumbing connections in 3/4" or 1" NPT, BSP, and sweat 


The water softener system includes 2 American made tanks. (1) Black 10" diameter mineral tanks - dependent on grain capacity. (1) Black brine tank. Both tanks backed by a 10 year warranty. Other colors are also available upon request.  The standard color is black.


Mineral Tank Dimensions:

  • 48K:(10"x54")
  • Add 6" more in height for the Control Meter.



18" Triple Set Stainless Steel Flex Line Water Connectors

Make your installation a snap with a pair of Stainless Steel Flex Lines, 18" length, 1" female to 1" John Guest, and an 18" stainless steel flex line with 1" Female NPT on each side. No more sweating pipes or having the hassle of connecting a water softener to your water supply. The female end twists right into the male threaded adapter provided with our water softeners, and the John Guest fitting simply pushes right into your existing water supply. Made of 100% stainless steel, these flex lines have the ability to twist, bend, and turn however you may need them to. Beware of the cheaper flex lines you'll find at hardware stores, they are not meant for water softeners. They will have rubber inner tubing that will eventually wear out and leak.

**SPECIAL NOTE: Not compatible with PVC pipe connections. However, this part is compatible with CPVC. CPVC should not to be confused with PVC.


We add a special touch to our offerings. We provide an installation kit which includes items that are necessary for best practice installs such as silicone lube, a hardness test strip, a sanitizer packet, 4 ft 3/8 in. brine line, a small parts kit, and an install guide written by ABCwaters technicians that simplify the installation.



Complete System Features:

  • Eco-friendly because the system doesn't require electricity. 
  • Simple In/Out Valve 
  • Removes a Wide Range of Contaminates
    • Chloramines*
    • Chlorine
    • Pesticides
    • Herbicides
    • Organics
    • Most chemicals
    • Most Odors
    • Most Tastes 

Upflow Carbon Basic Specs:

  • Bypass Valve with 1" connection
  • Service Flow Rate of 4-11 GPM 
  • 1.5 ft.³ High Activity Carbon Media - Carbon media is a natural media derived from coconut shells that removes water contaminates through absorption. 



How to install a carbon system to a Fleck 5600sxt water softener:


How to install a Fleck 5600SXT water softener:



How to rinse your carbon filtration:




Water Softener & Upflow Carbon System Warranties & Guarantee

Valve - 5 year warranty 
Tank - 10 year warranty 
60-day Satisfaction Guarantee 


Water Softener Warranty Registration




Simplifying the consumer's experience remains one of our primary goals. We realize the consumers´ experience with our product extends beyond the point of purchase. Reviewing the post sales experience has taught us to focus on specific touch points that improve this experience. A critical touch point relates to the installation of our product. We find the easier we make our product to install, the more satisfied our customers feel.

Keep It Simple Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials are simple in structure using a step-by-step format. Our content is unique in the sense that it's developed using a novice perspective while following industry best practices.

Well Written Instructional Guides

We created instructional guides with an emphasis on following an easy-to-understand theme. Each guide can be printed or viewed electronically, and easy to locate when needed.

Value Added Items

We include additional items in our packages that improve the overall value of our offering. The additional items contribute toward installation best practices and are typically not offered by competing brands. These value-added items prevent customers from having to make additional trips to the hardware store for items that we include.


Customer Service

We are easy to contact. We have a customer service team ready to assist our customer needs. Customers can contact our customer service team Monday through Friday between the hours of 7am to 4pm Arizona time. Our customer service team answers questions regarding orders, package tracking, and technical support.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team has over 25 years of combined experience in product installation and install knowledge. Most of our DIY customers save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by installing the system themself.

Innovative Approach

We´ve taken our technical support a whole new level. In addition to our email and phone support, we are now using video chat technology to assist customers. You can now Show & Tell rather than attempt to describe it. Customers find video chat really simplifies the process.


Offering affordable products has made us very popular with consumers. This popularity has ultimately contributed toward consumers´ gained purchase value. The more discounts we earn, the more the customer earns.

Affordable Pricing

Our popularity has given us the ability to leverage bulk purchase discounts that our competitors are unable to access. Our discounts make it possible to offer quality products at affordable pricing. The benefit of the discount is two fold in the sense that it affords us the ability to build a knowledge support team to serve our happy customers.

Fast Free Shipping

We offer fast free shipping. We are able to sustain this consumer benefit due to our high volume of shipping throughout the United States. Our shipping carrier provides discounts as our volume grows and ultimately benefiting the consumer.


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