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AXEON TFM-36 TFC Residential Reverse Osmosis Membrane 35 GPD

AXEON TFM-36 TFC Residential Reverse Osmosis Membrane 35 GPD

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AXEON TFM-36 TFC Residential RO Membrane 35 GPD 200358. AXEON 35 GPD TFC Residential RO Membrane TFM-36 35 Gallons Per DayThe AXEON Residential Polyamide Thin Film Composite Membrane offer high performance and reliability and consistent quality.

AXEON residential membranes operate as low as 50 psi and can yield up to 20% safer healthy drinking water than other membranes that operate at 65 psi. 35 Gallons Per Day Operates as low as 50 psi TFC (Thin Film Composite) Membrane is for use with non-chlorinated water Individually tested and sanitized Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 58 for material requirements Made in USA AXEON TFC-36 Residential Reverse Osmosis Membrane TF-1812-35 Specifications: A B C D E 11.74 (298.2) 10.00 (254) .86 (21.84) .93 (23.62) 1.5 (38.1) AXEON (200358) 35 GPD TFC Residential RO Membrane Specifications TF-1812-35 TFM-36 TF-1812-35 1220190 TFC-36 Axeon Residential RO Membranes 3 Stage RO System 4 Stage RO System 4 Stage RO Systems w/Permeate Pump 5 Stage RO System APEC RO-45 RO-90 RO-Perm RO-Pump AXEON Residential Membranes CA and TF Series GE SmartWater RO System Replacement Filters Hague H3500 Replacement Filters Hague LC30 Replacement Filters Pentek RO-2500 & RO-2550 Replacement Filters Pure Water Machine (All PT-4.0) Pure Water Machine PT-4.0/5 3C-4.0 UV-2 UV-3 Pure-Tel RO-3 RO-5 High Purity RO Replacements Pure-Tel RO-35 TFC5 RO-TFC-35-B-J Replacement Filters PuROLine PL40T36PP Replacement Filters TGI Pure CT-445 & CT-445P Four Stage RO System Replacements TGI-325E Three Stage 25 gpd RO Replacements Vertex Green Machine PT-4G PT-4GS


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