ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Water Softener SPACE SAVER + Hardness test + Loop INSTALL Kit

ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Water Softener SPACE SAVER + Hardness test + Loop INSTALL Kit

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1 case of 24 bottles
1 case of 24 bottles

Water Softener Salt Special


ABCwaters Built! This 602abcWATER water softener SPACE SAVER system is powered by a Fleck 5600SXT digital meter. Fleck is the most popular digital meter on the market today. The backlit LCD display and user-friendly interface make it very easy to operate. This is a complete system except for needing the drain line and salt.  We PRE-LOAD the RESIN into the mineral tank for you as a value-added benefit for choosing our company.


Features & Benefits

  • Continuous service flow rate of 20 GPM with a backwash of 7 GPM
  • Time-tested, hydraulically-balanced piston for service and regeneration
  • Backwash capability accommodates softener tanks up to 12" and filter up to 10" in diameter
  • Diagnostics for historical valve performance
  • Fully adjustable 3- or 5-cycle control for efficient and reliable water treatment system
  • LCD display alternates between time of day, volume remaining or days until regeneration
  • Supercapacitor for keeping time of day during power outage
  • Programming stored in memory and will not be lost due to power outages
  • 8% Resin
  • (2) stainless steel flex lines (#18080)


  • Filter or softener control valves
  • Downflow double backwash cam for reduced hardness leakage
  • Downflow co-current or upflow counter-current regeneration
  • Swivel attachment for 360° rotation of power head
  • Brine cam auxiliary switch
  • Plumbing connections in 3/4" to 1-1/4" NPT, BSP, and sweat
  • Fiber-reinforced polymer or stainless steel bypass valve
  • Programmable regeneration types for increased flexibility
  • SXT-Large LCD display and user-selectable time clock or metered function; usable for filtration and softener systems



  • 21" x 11" Clack Brine Tank for a smaller footprint  (10-year warranty)

 Water Softener Warranty Registration


We are a family owned business based out of Phoenix Arizona. We have been in the water business for 25+ years. Our goal is to provide you and your family with both clean and soft water. If you have any questions about which equipment is right for your home, or have installation questions, give us a call. If you are looking for Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, or a Whole House Filtration System, then you are in the right place. We will ensure that you are provided with the proper equipment and excellent customer service for the life of your unit.

If you are local you can bring us a sample of your water and we can test it here for you. We will sit down with you, address your needs, and ensure that you are happy with the proper unit for your needs.

We are located in Phoenix, AZ. The major cross streets are Pinnacle Peak and 19th Ave, on the NW corner.

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