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Return Policy

Shipping Policies

Free Shipping

602abcWATER.com offers free shipping on all items. Shipping is free for all US orders, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

Tracking Shipments

Upon your order shipping, the tracking for your order will be emailed to the email you provided during checkout. If you do not receive an email containing your tracking information you can contact our Customer Service at 602.222.9283.

Undeliverable Packages

When a carrier returns an undeliverable package back to us, we will issue a refund minus shipping costs. If you received “Free Shipping” we will issue a refund minus our shipping costs for the original shipment and return.

602abcWATER will not reship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable. If you would still like to purchase item that were undeliverable, you must place a new order on our website.

Refused Shipments

If an item is refused up delivery at no fault of 602abcWATER, we may at our own discretion, charge the customer return shipping fees. 602abcWATER can not be liable for the shipping charges if the item is refused before delivery. Freight packages that are refused will be charged a 25% restock in addition to freight and/or shipping charges.

Damage/Lost Package Claims

All damage or lost package/item claims on deliveries must be made within 10 days of arrival to customers home. Freight shipments should be inspected for damage upon arrival and reported to the freight driver immediately. 602abcWATER may request photos of damage to give to UPS/Fedex for inspection of the damage and to file a claim. Should any item arrive damaged or any item missing from your shipment, contact customer service. Please not that lost package investigations can take up to 5 business days to process, damage claims can take up to 14 days to process.

Order Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your order for any item provided that the order has not entered the shipping process. If the item you want to cancel has already entered the shipping process, it cannot be cancelled by you or by our customer service department. Any order cancelled prior to shipment will be charged a 6% cancellation fee, due to the products are built to order and pre-programmed for the customer. To request a cancellation of your order please contact customer service at 602.222.9283, cancellations cannot be requested by email.

Return Policy

602abcWATER will accept return of ABCwaters brand items unused or in original condition within 60 days of delivery for a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping fees. Freight shipments may be returned within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price minus freight charges. Shipping charges are not refundable. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

All products are subject to a restocking fee. Due to the nature of the products we cannot reuse resin media after it has been consumed.

Restocking Fees

Returns Issued 0-30 days will have a 15% Restocking fee* applied

Returns Issued 31-60 days will have a 30% Restocking fee* applied

*Restocking fee percentage is based on the original purchase price. The original purchase price is defined as the line item price at the time of purchase as indicated on the purchase invoice which must match 602abcWATER’s records.

We charge restocking fees for returns and for good reason. A restocking fee is not to make money. Restocking fees are applied to return requests due to the labor costs associated with managing the process. We find a typical return involves the minimum of 3 employees to properly process a returned item. An employee must check in the returned item by physically removing it from the packaging to perform a thorough analysis. This often includes disassembling the equipment for a proper evalution. Once the product is analyzed, the employee may have to remove filter media due to consumer use, or repackaging the product deemed unused. The paperwork related to the return item is then distributed to 2 or more office employees involved with inventory management, accounting, and marketplace administration. A simple return is more than just a simple request. It incurs costs, and that is why we apply a restocking fee.

All returns will be inspected for completeness and damage. Some products have return restrictions. Please review the list below to determine if special return policies apply to your products. Systems altered or changed from the original manufacturer build and specs are not returnable. Taxes, brokerage, shipping, customs and border crossing fees on shipments are not refundable.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

602abcWATER water softeners and carbon upflow filtration offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Try these products for 60 days and if you are not 100% satisfied, return the item to use for a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping/freight charges. The original purchaser of product/s made directly from 602abcWATER (all online properties) may return the item with 60 days of purchase. Return shipping is the customers’ responsibility; taxes, brokerage, customs and border crossing fees on international shipments are not refundable; water must be within manufacturer specs.

Products Covered by Guarantee

Residential systems; including water softeners, reverse osmosis, upflow systems, backwashing systems, cartridge systems, and UV systems. The 60 day guarantee is only valid for residential applications.

Control Heads

Residential control head fleck designed only for residential applications

Filters, Membranes, Media, Resin, Parts, and Accessories

Residential filters, membranes, media, resin, parts, and accessories that are used for residential applications.

Products Excluded from 60 Day Guarantee

Commercial and light commercial systems designed or rated for use that meets or exceeds the commercial use guideline in accordance with guidelines and restrictions set forth in this guarantee. Residential systems designed or rated for residential applications that are used for commercial and light commercial applications. Residential systems that are sold in “used” or “as is” condition. Custom systems, special order systems, or systems explicitly marked as excluded.

Control Heads Excluded from Guarantee

Control heads used or designed for applications that meet or exceed the commercial use. All custom control heads, and control heads sold in “used” or “as is” condition, control heads sold for resale, and control heads explicitly marked as excluded. Control heads that have been damaged by excessive or over tightening.

Filters, Membranes, Media, Resin, Parts, and Accessories Excluded from Guarantee

Products that are opened, used, installed or otherwise consumed. All custom products, special order products, or products sold as “used” or “as is” condition, products sold for resale, and products explicitly marked as excluded. All products used and designed for applications that meet or exceed the commercial use in accordance with the guidelines and restrictions in this guarantee.

Broken and/or Damaged Items Excluded from Guarantee

Any products that have been broken, damaged, defaced, disfigured, or otherwise rendered unsellable, unusable, or inoperable. Products damaged in shipping to customer are covered under the shipping carriers’ insurance. Products damaged by shipping to customer must be reported within 7 days of receiving product. Neglecting to report damaged products from shipping are voided from the guarantee. Products damaged due to manufacturer craftsmanship is covered under the warranty does not fall under the scope of the guarantee.

International Order Excluded from Guarantee

All international orders are generally excluded from this guarantee unless an exception is granted. Contact the main office for exception inquires on international orders.

Chemicals Excluded from Guarantee

All chemicals purchased are excluded from guarantee due to shipping restrictions and hazardous material costs.

Defining Commercial Use

For the purpose of the guarantee, commercial use is any application meeting one or the following criteria

  • Products used in commercial or municipal building
  • Products used 40% or more of actual use (excluding idle time or backwash/regeneration time) meets or exceeds flow rates of 15 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Products used for 20 hours or more continually
  • Products specifically labeled for commercial use

Guarantee Limitations

The guarantee only applies to the original purchaser of the product(s). The original purchaser is defined by 602abcWATER’s purchase order records. This guarantee is non-transferable and not eligible for resale. Failure to make contact with 602abcWATER within the specified time period is excluded from this guarantee. Failure to make contact includes, but not limited to, delays in assessing the product, incorrect use or application of the product(s), loss of time, misplaced item(s), local communication interruptions, technical difficulties, or natural disasters, and stated incidences will not incure any type of time extension on the guarantee. Non-authorized resellers of products claiming to be an “ABCwaters” or “602abcWATER” is excluded from this guarantee.

Details of the Guarantee

602abcWATER support staff may ask questions in an effort to resolve customer issues relating to product guarantee and any return requests. Most cases are resolved through discussions with 602abcWATER’s support staff, or alternative solutions can be recommended for specific part exchanges rather than requesting the entire system to be returned. The purchaser is required to follow the exact steps for requesting a return as defined in the section “Return Authorization Code”. Avoiding to follow these defined steps are subject to rejections by 602abcWATER.

Product Exchange

If you have received a faulty item and need to exchange it for the same item, contact customer service to setup an exchange. Customer service will send you a prepaid return label to have the faulty item returned or may setup a pickup. Once customer service has confirmed the carrier has picked up the faulty package or that it has been dropped off to the carrier, a new shipment will be sent.

If you would like to exchange an item for a different one , please return the original following our return policy and place another order for the item you wish to purchase. You do not have to wait for us to receive the original item before placing a new order.

602abcWATER representatives will recommend an overall water filtration, treatment, and/or conditioning system solution based upon all the information we receive via phone, email, fax and verbally by the customer. 602abcWATER can not be responsible for a recommended solution that falls short resulting in lack of information about other conditions that exist in the water.

Purchasers are advised that water quality conditions vary by area. Product performance may be affected by these variables, and for optimum performance purchasers should verify prior to ordering that their local water quality falls within 602abcWATER’s recommend specifications. Our representatives base all product recommendations on information provided by our customer; if other conditions (i.e. water, installation space, power, water pressure, etc.) exist which were not prior disclosed, then additional/other products may be required to make the overall solution successful. However, as always, we are committed to working with the customer to help remedy any troubled solution by providing the customer with the most effective and affordable solution.

602abcWATER may not be financially responsible for any service, 100% satisfaction guarantee or warranties that has resulted from improper application, poor handling, neglectful damage, set-up, installation, start-up procedure and/or lack of thorough follow through of installation procedures found on or with the unit and in any service guides, product manuals and/or related website pages.

Return Procedure

All returned products will be thoroughly inspected and a determination will be made if eligibility and conforming requirements are met. Please verify the product you are returning meets the above and below guidelines and qualifies for return to avoid delay in, or denial of, processing your return. If a non-conforming product is accepted for return 602abcWATER.com reserves the right to charge a restocking fee up to 25% at our sole discretion. Return processing may take up to 10 business days from the time your product is received.

Return Authorization Code

Returns will not be accepted without a valid Return Authorization Number (RMA). Unless otherwise specified in the item listing on our website or in our Return Policy, you may request a Return Authorization Number (RA) within 60 days of the original purchase date. RA numbers expire after 30 days, but we encourage you to return the product as soon as possible. Any return we receive without a valid RA number will be documented and rejected or subject to a restocking charge at our sole discretion. Customers should call 602.222.9283 and speak with customer service to get the RA number. All returns must also contain all parts that were sent, along with all original packaging. Returns must have RA number before being returned or the return shipment may be refused by 602abcWATER.

Return Shipping

602abcWATER may at our discretion send you a pre-paid return label for you to return your product. If you use this mailing label and the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective, etc.), we’ll pay the return shipping costs. If you use this mailing label and your return is not the result of our error, the shipping cost of that returned item will be deducted from your refund. The amount deducted will be equivalent to our standard shipping cost for the product.

For your protection, we recommend that you insure your return and use a traceable carrier that can provide you with delivery confirmation. 602abcWATER shall not be responsible for items returned that are lost or damaged in transit. Postage and handling charges, both to and from our warehouse will be paid by the customer, and are not non-refundable. At our discretion, we may reimburse shipping charges related to the return of defective products inside the U.S. only.

For freight shipments, we are happy to accept returns for large items that are shipped via our specialty shippers. These items do require a special type of return and cannot be returned with a pre-paid return mailing label like standard shipments. If you need to return an item shipped via a specialty shipper, please contact customer service and request the return. We will follow up with instructions for returning the item. Note: any return that is not the result of our error may be subject to a restock fee which will be deducted from the refund.

Important Return Notice

In the event that the product you are returning does NOT meet the requirements described in this document, we will photograph the merchandise and packaging, and prepare a detailed summary of our determination as to why the return was denied, the product(s) will be deemed not eligible for return and will be returned to the customer at the customers’ expense. If 602abcWATER.com, at our sole discretion, decides to accept a non-qualified item for return, a 50% restocking fee will be assessed.

“New Sealed” Condition (ALL ITEMS)

Undamaged, unopened and unused product in its original condition and packaging. The packaging should be received in the same condition it was sent out. Qualified returns in “New Sealed” condition will receive a refund of the original purchase price, less the shipping cost. “New Sealed” condition product(s) may be subject to restocking fees at the discretion of 602abcWATER as stated in the section “Restocking Fees”.


Undamaged or unused product(s) received in the original condition in an opened package. Systems and control heads received in the same “New” condition will receive a refund of the original price, less shipping costs. If the retail packaging is damaged or any components are missing, replacement costs will be deducted from the refund. “New Opened” condition will be subject to restocking fees as stated in the sections “Restocking Fees”.


Any product or items that have been installed, used or otherwise rendered to less than “New” condition. Returns in this condition should be cleaned as much as possible with consumables removed. If product(s) are not cleaned as much as possible a $50 cleaning fee will be deducted from the refund. Example consumables to be removed: filter media, resin, filters, membranes, as they are non-refundable, but will also reduce the weight for return shipping costs. Systems and control heads in this condition will be subject to restocking fees as stated in section “Restocking Fees”.