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  • March 27, 2017 Amazon.com
    Excellent post-service sale from the seller. I contacted them regarding a leak, and they provided excellent technical support and sent replacement o-rings as well. System is installed and working as designed. Would absolutely purchase from 602abcWATER again.
  • February 28, 2017 Amazon.com
    Thaddeus J.
    Quick delivery, item was as advertised. Easy install. Customer service was very helpful. Good product and experience. Will buy again from 602abcWATER.
Water Softeners
Water softener systems provide homeowners with the greatest tangible difference to a household's water. We offer complete turn-key water softener systems build with the most popular digital valve meter on the market. Our systems are packaged with value-added items to maximize satisfaction with our products.
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Resource library
We have invested time in creating easy-to-comprehend tutorials to teach our customers about water treatment product installations, maintenance, and short "how-to" explainations. All our provided resourses are designe to simplify access to content and video information around a specific product.
Technical Support
We are in DIY era and know that dependable friendly support is critical for succesfully serving today's market needs. We offer the standard email and phone support, however we are changing the game by offering live Facetime video conferencing support for visual assistance. We believe showing rather than describing simplifies trouble shooting.
Value-Added Details
Our commitment to simplify the consumer experience extends to all aspects of our business including the fine details. Our attention to details include items that are typically overlooked by competing companies. We even measure and preload the resin of our 48k softeners for you to reduce the burden for consumers.
you can really feel
the difference.
Drinking Water
Drinking water systems are built using reverse osmosis technology. Reverse osmosis is one of the most affordable alternatives to bottled drinking water available for a residential home. Learn how simple it is to add the convinience of drinking water at your kitchen sink
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Water Softeners
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How We Help Customers

We are online water products supplier company who primarily serves families by providing high quality water softener systems.

After installing our Fleck water softener, you will extend the lifespan of your appliances, eliminating calcium/scale build up, saving long term costs, all while experiencing softer clothes, and cleaner dishes, with water that just feels all around better.

Fleck 5600sxt
Water Softener System

it's right for you if

  • You’ve had to regularly replace plumbing pipes and faucets due to calcium build up.
  • You've found scrubbing hard deposits is a real struggle.
  • You recently moved and the water quality isn't as good.
  • You tested your water and it's filled with hard deposits.
  • You're building a new home and it's on well water.
  • You checked with other companies, and prices were outrageous.
Fleck 5600sxt
Water Softener
Makes Life Better!

Taken from real life interviews in our customer's words

"Soft water reduces hard to remove water spots"

"Rids white residue buildup on shower walls"

"Eliminates rust"

"Prevent long term wear and tear on your household appliances"

"You'll experience water that feels better and cleaner"

"Extends the lifespan on plumbing pipes, faucets and appliances"

The importance of eliminating long-term hassle from damaging calcium/limestone/scale build-up.

Those without systems frequently have to replace kitchen and bathroom faucets, appliances, water heaters, and piping.


It’s devastating when you experience long-term household damage from hard water. When you invest in the Fleck 5600 sxt, you’ll gain peace of mind that you’ll get an extended lifespan out of appliances, leading to long term value that makes a huge financial difference on the family budget. Those without systems frequently have to replace kitchen and bathroom faucets, appliances, hot water heaters, and piping. When you have a water softener that prolongs the life of your household, there comes a relief in eliminating cleaning and replacement hassle. The Fleck 5600 can have a major impact on quality of life for both you and your family.

Our Ultimate
Why ?

Why we believe you should never pay ridiculous prices again!

Will Mathews, Founder of 602abcWATER

After years of working in the wholesale sector, Will discovered the truth about the industry. Most suppliers make minor engineerial differences when building their water systems, so they can double and sometimes triple the cost.


Will Matthews, the founder of 602ABCWATER and his team are on a mission to make water protection products accessible for the average American family. After years of working in the wholesale sector, he discovered the truth about the industry. Most suppliers make minor engineerial differences when building their water systems, so they can double and sometimes triple the cost. The reality is, “Their systems are fundamentally similar and consumers are being severely overcharged.” This realization drove him to build a wholesale pricing model, with easy to install DIY support, making good quality water softener systems like the Fleck 5600sxt accessible to the average consumer. His mission is to ensure American families can afford top of the line products, so you can have better quality water, ultimately securing healthier lives.

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guranteed satisfaction

We have your back and want to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our products, which is why we offer a 100% guaranteed satisfaction policy on our residential water softeners for the first 60 days.

We are confident our systems are designed and assembled with only high quality components and accessories, and back this with a 5 year warranty on the Fleck valves and 10 year warranty on both the brine and mineral tank.

if you are thinking :

Too Expensive ?

We’ve had other customers express that they felt the same way, until they experienced the cost of having to replace multiple appliances and faucets because of the harmful effects of hard water. Would you rather spend a few hundred dollars now, or have to replace expensive appliances and faucets sooner than expected? We honor whatever you choose, while also wanting to bring awareness of the future headaches not having a good water softener creates.

Do I have to install myself?

Not at all. For those who would rather have someone do it for them, we recommend finding a good plumber. A lot of people do that, and we often provide customer support for plumbers during their installation.

Don't know if I need it?

If you notice white residue on pipes, faucets, appliances or hot water heaters, those items are being damaged with every use and will need to be replaced sooner. It’s about protecting the investment of your home. The Water Softener will save you long term because the costs of not having one outweighs its purchase cost.