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We want to make it convenient for you. We offer all forms of contact. Contact us by Email, Chat, Text, or phone support. Monday thru Friday 7 am to 5 pm Arizona Time. 

Our customers tell us how happy they are to be able to call our experienced team of installers in a time of need and not get charged.  That's what makes us different from our competitors. We focus on simplifying the consumer's experience with our product.  A simplified experience equals a great experience and our customers agree!

We are available by:

  • Phone - 602.222.9283
  • Email - support@602abcWATER.com
  • Text - 602.321.0145
  • Facetime video calls (iPhones only) - Text us to set an appointment.  Our new solution 'Show us rather than try to describe' method.  

Support Hours: Monday thru Friday between 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Arizona time.

  • Phone support
    We have a full support team ready to take your call. We make it our goal to make it very easy to work with us. We are happy to help.
  • Email support
    Send us a message below to contact us by email. We pride ourselves in quick response times. Email us today.
  • Facetime tech support
    We are being innovative. Facetime support makes it easier by using "Show & Tell" rather then describe. It's proven to be highly effective.

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Send us a message. We answer all messages within 24 hours (excluding weekends). Let us know your question or issues. We highly recommend calling us for high priority questions and faster response time. Please fill out form with your contact information.

Benefits for choosing Our Water Softener Packages

Resource Library

We have invested time in creating easy-to-comprehend tutorials to teach our customers about water softener installation, maintenance, and short 'how-to' explanations. All our provided resources are designed to simplify access to content and video information around our specific products.
Example resources

Technical Support

We are in the DIY era and know that dependable friendly support is critical for succesfully serving today's market needs. We offer the standart email and phone support, however we are changing the game by offering live Facetime video conferencing support for visual assistance. We believe showing rather than describing simplifies troubleshooting.
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Value Add Items

Our commitment to simplify the consumer experience extends to all aspects of our business including the fine details. Our attention to details include items that are typically overlooked by competing companies.
  1. We provide silicone lubricant for 'O'-rings, a sanitizer rinse for flushing your system
  2. water hardness test strip to assist in setting your Fleck 5600sxt meter
  3. step-by-step installation guide that is simple in design yet effetively comprehensive
  4. We even measure and preload the resin in the tank for you to reduce the burden on our mid sized 48,000 grain capacity systems and lower.
    Try loading resin media in a 54" tall tank.
  5. We preprogram the Fleck 5600sxt Digital meter to save you time and guess work