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Commercial 2" Triple Tank Alternating Water Softener System with Fleck 2900S - 120k to 600k Capacity (peak flow rate: 57 gpm to 140 gpm)

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This is 2” Fleck 2900S valve with a NXT 3200 controller. This is a heavy duty system capable of continuous flow rates between 40 to 100 gallons per minute (gpm) and are available in 120,000 to 600,000 grain capacities.  The triple tank application allows for 24/7 continual operation.

Commercial Water Softener System Includes:

  • Fleck 2900S control valve [User Manual]
  • 3200 NXT Electronic Meter
  • Full 1.5" valve for high flow rates
  • Premium High Capacity 8% Cross-linked Resin - volume based on capacity
  • Up to 600,000 Grain Maximum Capacity
  • Brine tank has grid plate for maximum saturation of brine
  • Safety brine valve with air check
  • Gravel volume based on capacity



Water Softener Resin Media Volume (Commercial Grade 8% Cross Link):

  • 120,000 Grain capacity = 4 cubic feet each tank
  • 150,000 Grain capacity = 5 cubic feet each tank 
  • 210,000 Grain capacity = 7 cubic feet each tank 
  • 300,000 Grain capacity = 10 cubic feet each tank 
  • 450,000 Grain capacity = 15 cubic feet each tank 
  • 600,000 Grain capacity = 20 cubic feet each tank



Water Softener Flow Capacities (Each Tank)

  • 120,000 Grain capacity = 20 gpm continuous & 41 gpm peak flow rate
  • 150,000 Grain capacity = 25 gpm continuous & 53 gpm peak flow rate
  • 210,000 Grain capacity = 35 gpm continuous & 60 gpm peak flow rate
  • 300,000 Grain capacity = 40 gpm continuous & 66 gpm peak flow rate
  • 450,000 Grain capacity = 45 gpm continuous & 66 gpm peak flow rate
  • 600,000 Grain capacity = 100 gpm continuous & 140 gpm peak flow rate


Tank Operating Parameters:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150°F (fanged) 120°F (threaded)
  • Minimum burst at 600 psi
  • NSF Certified Pentair Structural



Approximate Space Requirements:

  • 120,000 Grain capacity = 84" L x 24" W x 78" H
  • 150,000 Grain capacity = 118" L x 24" W x 78" H
  • 210,000 Grain capacity = 127" L x 24" W x 79" H
  • 300,000 Grain capacity = 148" L x 30" W x 86" H
  • 450,000 Grain capacity = 184" L x 39" W x 93" H
  • 600,000 Grain capacity = 224" L x 50" W x 95" H


System Weights:

  • 120,000 Grain capacity =  Shipping -  1,150 lbs. 
  • 150,000 Grain capacity =  Shipping -  1,700 lbs.
  • 210,000 Grain capacity =  Shipping -  2,200 lbs.
  • 300,000 Grain capacity =  Shipping -  3,350 lbs.
  • 450,000 Grain capacity =  Shipping -  4,670 lbs.
  • 600,000 Grain capacity =  Shipping - 6,220 lbs.




  • 5 Years on Tanks
  • 5 Years on Valve & Electronics
  • 1 Years on all Parts


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Video Resource - Fleck 2900S Valve Tear Down




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