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Remove Hard Water Stains with a DIY Epsom Salt Scrub




Tired of the stains and foggy glasses that you get from having hard water. Well 602abcWater has the perfect remedy for you with this Epsom salt scrub that will make things sparkle again!

If you've got glass shower doors or tiles that show every hard water drop in your bathroom or kitchen, then you will understand the constant frustration of trying to keep everything to look clean. Hard water stains make glassware and tiles look dirty, even though they are not. Stop using the harsh chemicals that you purchase at the store and use our eco-friendly solution with Epsom salt. You may not need to be the only one that needs to exfoliate.


Small Mixing Bowl

1 cup Epsom salts

1/2 cup of baking soda

1/4 cup liquid dish soap

Put all ingredients in the small mixing bowl and blend well. You will have a paste like substance when mixed properly. This eco-friendly scrub will remove those hard water stains with ease.