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Our Ultimate Why?


The beginning of a life’s journey,
by Will Mathews, Founder of 602abcWATER

My first job in the water industry was outside sales. As a rep, we demonstrated the different water systems in customers’ homes where they could touch, feel, and see the water. I became a manager for that company and found they had internal issues. They went out of business, and it wasn’t long after that my coworker and I started our own water company in 2004.

How working experience can help one build a company

After seeing why my previous company failed, I knew we could do it better by providing the same at a lower cost. On average, we were $1,000 less, than the original company’s price..

It went well until the housing market crash in 2008. Many who had just purchased an expensive water softener had lost their houses. It was tough seeing others struggle. During that time, when a customer challenged, they could have bought our same system at Home Depot for $500, it really bothered me. It wasn’t long after, I sold that company to work in the wholesale side of the business.

What the average consumer should know about the water industry

In 2008, I went to work for one of my distributors and sold products/systems to water dealers, business-to-business. It was then I learned the different systems discovering the best products, what worked and what didn’t. I noticed often when competitors built a system, they added minor engineering changes to claim it was something different to make their system look like it’s worth $8,000. 

It was crazy to see the ploys to manipulate pricing. The price spectrum literally ranges from hundreds to $10,000. In reality, there’s not much difference between them. It was then I realized the reality of an industry prone to take advantage of the innocent consumer.

Becoming a business owner again

After years working in the wholesale side, the original owner of Protech, a Phoenix based service company also in the water industry, made me an offer to buy Protech. I didn’t have the capitol to pay;however, we arranged an owner/carry until I paid it off over time. 

This gave me time to begin selling RV portable softeners on eBay which ultimately lead to the beginning of 602ABCWATER.

The creation of 602ABCWATER

All of my experiences starting at the beginning of my first sales job in this industry, led to starting 602ABCWATER. Fortunately knowing the wholesale market has allowed us to buy as good or better than our competition, which helps us offer quality for the best price.

Who we are today

We’ve created our company based on a fundamental value to offer quality for low pricing making safe water accessible to middle-class American family.

We consider ourselves an honest, good company helping the general public. We offer a high level of customer support. Free tech support is available pre-purchase, and we are always looking at how we can improve. We provide virtual service calls as well.

We encourage and empower the DIY customers, by educating and showing how easy it is. Our product is not that difficult to install. The average handy homeowner doesn’t need to hire a plumber and we pride ourselves in giving installation support. Ultimately we are dedicated to making healthy water more accessible.

I still believe in the small-town values I learned growing up in a little Oregon town. Now, the water in my hometown is deteriorating due to old galvanized pipes. Lots of towns across America are in the same predicament.

Basically, our ultimate “why” is to provide quality affordable products protecting the average American family from hard and unsafe water, whether caused by galvanized pipes, well water or chemical dumps, the right systems are not only for convenience, yet can ultimately save families and change lives.