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Myths About Soft Water





There are so many myths and scare tactics used to turn people away from installing water softeners and/or reverse osmosis filtration systems in your home. We here at 602abcWater.com want to make sure our customers learn the truth behind these water myths.

The U.S. Department of the Interior defines water as being slightly hard when it ranges from 1 to 3.5 grains per gallon of magnesium bicarbonates and calcium, which these minerals naturally occur in water. Did you know that 80% of water in the U.S. is considered hard water. 

Homeowners biggest problem with these minerals in your water can cause calcium build up on your shower heads and faucets. These minerals also can cause buildups inside your plumbing you do not see and appliances. Build ups can decrease the life span of your dishwasher, water heater and washing machine. The harder your water, the greyer your whites will look in your laundry.

There are people that do not like the taste of softened water, but that can be fixed with a upflow carbon tank that filters the water after it has been softened. This may not improve it completely, like if you have bottled water, but you can add a reverse osmosis system and you will taste the difference. 

When installing a water softener in your home you can eliminate dry-skin issues and you will be able to cut back on soaps, detergents, shampoos and fabric softeners. By using less of these you will also be saving money in the long run.

There are many myths out there about water softeners and reverse osmosis systems. Here at 602abcwater.com we would like to shut these myths down and share the truth with our customers.

Myth #1

When removing dissolved solids and minerals from your water, you are actually depriving the body of healthy nutrients.

Truth #1

The problem with this argument is that calcium and magnesium in your water are in a form that your body cannot digest. You will receive this minerals from the food you eat and/or vitamins.

Myth #2

Softened water will leave a film on your skin.

Truth #2

Your skin will feel softer and have a less dry feeling. This is because the minerals that are in hard water are not clogging your pores and letting your natural body-moisturizing oils to the surface of your skin. You will not have the build up from your soap or shampoos, which can give your skin that filmy feeling. Tests have shown that your body is actually cleaner after a soft water shower.

Myth #3

Drinking purified water from a reverse osmosis filtration system will leach your body's essential minerals.

Truth #3

This is an old and untrue story that can be found all over the internet. Nothing is purged or leached from your body when your drinking reverse osmosis water. The reverse osmosis process actually takes the dangerous chemicals and minerals that are within your tap water.

Myth #4

Softeners add extra salt to your water. 

Truth #4

The amount of salt that a water softener adds to your water is very minute. It does not add high amounts or salt to your water. We have actually tested water from our tap water salt content and after it has been softened and it actually has less salt after it was softened. 

Myth #5

Water from Reverse osmosis system is acidic.

Truth #5

While reverse osmosis filtered water does have a lower pH level, 6, than unfiltered tap water, which is around 7, it is not a health hazard. Just think about the other drinks you consume soda is have a pH around 2.5; orange juice is at 3pH; and coffee is around 4pH. We drink these all the time and have not caused major problems.

So in conclusion to all these myths and stories, installing a water softener or a reverse osmosis system in your home is not bad at all. A lot of these myths were created by companies as scare tactics due to they would be losing money and you the consumer would be saving money.