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Is There a Connection Between Eczema and Hard Water?




Does your home's hard water play a part in having a child or yourself that suffers from Eczema, also know as atopic dermatitis, can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. Seeing your child uncomfortable from the dry and itchy skin. Trying to figure out the reason for eczema symptoms can be a mystery.

A lot of times children will grow out of the condition. About half of those children with eczema continue to have the symptoms into adulthood. 

Many parents have tried to identify the cause of the outbreaks by eliminating certain foods, switching laundry soaps, and sometimes even straying away from certain fabrics. Sometimes different lotions and vitamins will help reduce the outbreaks but they still seem to come back again and again. Not many parents have though maybe it is the condition of the water in their home. 

Understanding Hard Water on Your Skin

Hard water from your tap contain dissolved minerals calcium and magnesium. You will notice white flakey build ups on your faucets and pipes, this means you have hard water. So imagine what this does to your skin. Those minerals are essential for your diet, but not so great for your skin.

What does hard water bathing actually do to your skin? Minerals such as calcium and magnesium clog pores and can create dry skin. This is the last thing a person with eczema wants. Clogging of the pores will increase the risk of skin outbreaks and make your eczema noticeable and embarrassing. Water containing this dissolved minerals do not work well with soap either. When bathing with hard water and shampoos or body wash, the minerals mix with the soap creating a film on your skin. This film is difficult to wash away and can leave you feeling unclean from the shower or bath you just took. Just think that film left behind is just like the soap scum that you scrub away when you clean your tub or shower. The soap left behind on your skin can cause dryness and irritation. 

Can Softened Water Provide Relief for Eczema or other Skin Irritations?

While soft water is not a provided cure for eczema, there is evidence that softened water does help the amount of skin outbreaks you or your child may have. There is a lot of evidence out there that is proving that softer water is better for your skin than hard water, because a good water softener removes the calcium and magnesium from your tap water. Removing these minerals will help your soap lather better and also remove the soap from your skin when you rinse and will not create the filmy layer. 

Whether you have children dealing with eczema or you have eczema or maybe you are having a baby soon, protect your family's skin health from your home's hard water. When installing a water softener in your home you will not only feel cleaner, your children will love the bubblier baths they will receive. Your skin and hair will look better than ever!

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