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Portable Water Softeners

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Portable water softeners are compact units that use the same regeneration process as standard water softeners to remove the hard water minerals. However, instead of permanent installation to your house’s water supply line, these units usually use quick connects that allow quick and easy installation and removal when needed.


Some of the portable water softeners use table salt instead instead of the water softening salt. There are a few benefits to using table salt for your water softening. First of all, table salt is more available so you can get it anywhere and at any moment. And with just two salt pellets you will be able to get about 1,000 gallons of softened water.


As the name implies, these appliances are easy to move from one location to another. To provide you with ease of portability, they are designed with a set of features. Firstly, their compact size and light weight, makes it easy to pick it up and move around. They usually also include a handle which adds more convenience.


The softeners come with all the accessories needed to set up the unit. In the package, it would usually include water inlets, outlet caps, valves, as well as hose adapters with inlets and outlets.





Benefits of a portable water softener:

     1. Improves taste and odor
     2. Increases appliance life
     3. Helps avoid scale build-up
     4. Reduces spotting on dishes and glasses

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