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Where is the install guide?

Why is my tank leaning to one side?

Why is your website listings priced higher than your Amazon listings?

Does the softener drain water everytime it regenerates?

Can you substitute potassium for salt?

The drain for my current softener is above the unit. Will this discharge 5' up to my drain?

How long does the carbon tank media last for?

Do I have to run a drain line to a standing drain, or can I run a hose outside?

Why is the water level in the brine tank is above the salt?

How often does the system needed to be regenerated? Also does the resin ever need to be replaced?

What size system do I need?

Should I be concerned about the salt, that the water softener puts in my water?

My water tasted great before the softener, but now has a bitter taste. Is there a setting that will fix that?

What does a typical RO take out of water?

Is RO water really as good as bottled?

What should I consider before buying a water treatment solution?

What is hard water?

What is the difference between softening water and filtering water?

What is regeneration?

Will softened water affect my lawn or garden?

Difference between 5600SXT and 7000SXT?

Difference between fine mesh resin and 10% cross link resin?