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What Does a Water Softener Do?

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The most common question about water softeners seems to be what does a water softener do, well that is pretty easy. Water softeners convert your hard tap water to soft water. Not only do water softeners convert your water, but they save you money.

Hard water costs your household money, cleaning time and sometimes very serious damage to appliances. What a hassle it seems to be! Hard water creates lime scale flakes which can disperse from your faucets, shower and all your appliances. Hard water is a pretty big problem, but it can easily be solved with a water softener. Water softeners use a process called “ion exchange” to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals from your water as it enters your home.

So how do water softeners work?

How a water softener works depends on the type of water softener your home has. 602abcWater’s Fleck 5600sxt the hard water will flow in from your main water supply line straight into the mineral tank. Once the hard water is in the mineral tank it will run through the resin which removes the calcium & magnesium from the water. 

The hard water converts to soft water by a process called the ion exchange. 90% of the ion exchange happens in the interior of the bead. Once in the resin bead, free ions diffuse onto fixed immobile negative exchange sites as they pass through the beads. Mineral salts disassociate into ions in water and are free to exchange with ions of similar charge, these ions are mobile and free to move around. The surface of the polystyrene strands have negatively charged functional groups that attract free positively charged ions.

Once the water is soft, it will then be dispersed into your home. Once the capacity of grains have been removed through the mineral tank, the regeneration of the resin beads can begin to take place.

For the regeneration process the brine solution (water and salt) from the brine tank will make its way into the mineral tank. Once in the mineral tank the brine solution will run through the resin beads clearing off all the hardness ions, such as calcium and magnesium, attaching to groups and dislodging sodium/potassium ions. The reason the water softeners actually work is because this process is reversible.

Once the brine solution has done its job in the mineral tank, it then can be drained out.

For any additional questions or for a purchase of a water softener please give 602abcWaters a call. 

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