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Is Soft Water Good for Pet's?

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For many people pets are a huge part of the family, they are like children. So why not take care of your pets as if you would your family? Since all animals have basic needs such as food and water, do you care about the type of food and water they ingest? Do you know the benefits and disadvantages of the different types of water on your pet’s health?

Water typically comes from two different sources, either the city or a well. Whichever way your water is supplied to your home, your tap water will be hard water. Hard water usually has unwanted contaminants, and the type of contaminants depends on where you are in the world. This is why so many people decide to purchase a water softener for their home. They want to protect their family and their home from unwanted problems. So does your protection include your pets? If so then soft water would still be safe for your pets, but there are a few things to consider before introducing soft water into their diet.


Soft water can impact your pet’s life beyond consumption. One benefit of soft water during the bathing process is having healthier and cleaner looking coats of fur. This happens because less minerals are in soft water, so the soap doesn’t build up on their fur.


Some pets might not like the taste of the water, and will drink less of it. Drinking less water will cause some negative effects on your pet’s health, so make sure you are paying attention to their water intake when you first introduce it to your pet.

So in other words, you are going to want to introduce soft water in your pet’s diet gradually. The best way for your pet’s stomach is to mix soft and hard water together at first so you don’t upset their stomach. Since your pet is use to all the excess minerals will be upset their stomach and may cause diarrhea until your pet is use to it.

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