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How long do Water Softeners Last?

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Purchasing a water softener can be a pretty big purchase for your home, the most common question that seems to come about is how long will it last? There are a few factors that come into play in order to answer this question.

The exact length of time a water softener will last depends on several things, like, the type of water that runs through the machine, general efficiency and series of minor issues that make you want to replace your softener.

The type of water that will run through your system will be hard, but depending on how hard your water is. When a higher level of hard water runs through your water softener system, you can expect your system to have a shorter life. When a lower level of hard water runs through your system you will have a longer life on your system. The reason for this is because lime and other deposits can build up throughout the machine. A great tip to extend the life of your water softener is to clean not only the machine but the area around it to keep dust and dirt to a minimum. A good gauge of the age of a water softener is to determine how much water is running through your system, instead of the number of years.

Another factor that comes into play when figuring out how long your water softener will last is the efficiency of the brand. Some brands do have better reputations than others, why is that? Well, higher end systems may have a lot more features, better water efficiency, and more compact. Cheap water softeners often save manufacturing cost by using less expensive materials. Although the difference between the two really comes down to the longevity of the system and the company’s reputation.

So is it time to get a new water softener? Well if your water softener seems to becoming less efficient and requiring a lot more repairs, you may want to ask yourself if it is worth repairing. Before pulling the trigger on buying a new water softener, make sure it isn’t going to be a simple fix. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as changing the resin beads.

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