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How is Water Supplied to Homes?

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A very long time ago when people lived in rural areas, people had to make sure they were supplying fresh water to their homes. They would have to carry water from creeks or rivers without any sort of filtration system what so ever. Some areas still do this today, but no matter where you are now there is a lot of work that goes into supplying water to your home.

For most of the U.S. that lives in towns and cities there is an organized structure called public water supply systems, also known as water departments. These systems provide water to homes passing all the quality requirements put in place, the EPA.

Well depending on where you live, there are two types of ways water can get to your home. If you live in a rural area your water probably comes from a well located on your property. If you live in a city or town, you water probably comes from a public water supply. Both sources provide about half of the world’s drinking water.

Public Water Supply

The public water systems get their water from one of two places, surface water and/or ground water. Ground water is located deep underground in veins of water known as aquifers. It is accessible by drilling a deep well and then pumping it to the surface. Surface water is found in lakes, rivers, and streams. The public water system will access surface water by building an intake to draw water to a location where it can be analyzed, treated and then pumped out to customers.

The public water supply will be filtered and treated from certain chemicals to remove impurities and make sure your drinking water is safe to consume. Once the water is filtered and treated it is then stored into a reservoir from which it gets pumped through underground pipes (water mains) to your house. A water pipe known as a service lateral line connects that water main to your house plumbing and brings the water right to your faucet when you turn it on.

Well Water Supply

If you have a well on your property, you are using the ground water from an aquifer. Millions of people around the world use ground water wells. This source must be analyzed to ensure it is safe to drink, this must be done by the consumer.

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