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Does Chlorine Destroy Resin?

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Resin that is used in water softeners are an ion exchange resin that acts as a medium for the ion exchange. The ion exchange according to Wikipedia’s website is an exchange of ions between two electrolytes or between an electrolyte solution and a complex. It is a support structure normally in the form of a small microbeads. These beads are typically empty, which traps some ions and releases other ions, which is why this is called the ion exchange. These beads are used for separation, purification, and the decontamination process of water. With that being said a chemical that can destroy resin is chlorine.

Chlorine gets into drinking water because a water chlorination process is done to clean the water of contaminants before it makes it to home tap water. The water chlorination method is used to kill certain bacteria and other microbes in tap water as chlorine is highly toxic. The drawbacks of doing this is that the chlorine can sometimes react with naturally occurring organic compounds found in the water supply.

From the chemical stand point, resin is a solid or semi-solid amorphous compounds that are obtained directly from plants as exudations. Resins is mainly composed of volatile liquid terpenes and less amounts of dissolved non-volatile solids thereby making the resins sticky (gluey) and thick. Although, with the advancement in technology, new methods were found to develop these resins into functional polymers (plastics), and synthetic resins.

So since resin is a type of plastic, chlorine can destroy it. How? Well, the chlorine will ultimately breakdown the resin by swelling the resin beads. The swelling of the resin beads will then reduce the effectiveness beads in the softener because the resin can’t fully clean the water when the water that runs through it. So the best option to get rid of the chlorine from your tap water and save your resin is to get a carbon tank with your water softener.

A carbon tank is a great addition to your water softener that can be used on both city and well water. These tanks are great for removing taste, smells, odors, chemicals, chlorine, organics and many other impurities. Many people choose to add a carbon tank to their water softener because it will extend your resins life as well as remove high levels of chlorine from your tap water.

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