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How to Get a Cleaner Car!

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Whether you are a car enthusiast or not everyone enjoys a clean looking car. Did you know that most car washes use three different types of water according to the Professional Car Washing and Detailing Website?

Hard Water

Hard water is calcium and magnesium minerals in the water that will leave lime scale build up or even spots on your car. Hard water is dispersed throughout the city from a water treatment facility.

Hard water actually makes it hard to clean and rinse anything, especially when it is mixed with detergents or presoaks. The reason for this is because detergent manufacturers use water conditioning agents in their formulas to control the hardness. The water conditioners are great because it will affect the overall cleaning, soil dispersion and rinsing, and also the effectiveness on certain components of films.

Despite all the problems that hard water creates during a wash, it is actually great if mixed with drying agents. The chemical components of wax or drying agent compositions will not react with the components of hard water. Hard water is actually the highest surface tension of the three water types. This means that hard water produces the roundest droplets of water which do not adhere to the surface and can easily be blown off.

Soft Water

Soft water is created from a water softener by processing hard water through an ion exchange resin to remove the hard water ions. Unlike hardness ions the sodium ions (soft water) do not have any negative effect on detergents and pre-soaks. In fact, soft water is the best choice for both. Soft water will produce the highest foam level and give you the most consistent cleaning.

Reverse Osmosis Water

The spotting left on cars is the reason a reverse osmosis water rinse is needed. This water does not work with polishes, sealers, clear coats, hot waxes or drying agents. Just like soft water, it will not stick to the surface of the car, hence getting rid of spotting.

If you want to give your car the best wash, make sure you carefully consider the type of water you are using.

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